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September 20th, 2014, 12:39 pm


We still have about 10 or so pages to go until I post the revised rules as a page
but for any who were wondering here is a more detailed list of the rules I have been following

Only catch the first Pokemon of each new area
*Different floors count as new areas
*Duplicates are not excluded from this rule.
*Shiny Pokemon can be excluded from this rule ONLY if it's evolutionary line is not already owned

Fainted Pokemon are treated as dead, and released. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Held items may be used.
*Hold items that can be consumed in battle may not be used

The following items may not be used:
-Rare candies
*Items may be sold

No trading Pokemon.

A legendary Pokemon may be caught if no Pokemon faints during the capture attempt.
*Only one legendary Pokemon on the team at a time. Semi-legendaries apply to this clause. (Regi's are considered as Semi due to no application to the story)

A white out means

It's a LOT longer than the rules already posted! (excuse me, this is my first Nuzlocke run. unu )

Sounds like fun, right? It's been a challenge, for sure!

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